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Old anime is more free to do what it wants so a lot of the great ones rely on more abstract story telling methods. Some world build and make characters while others are character focused and the world is just a backdrop.

Cowboy Bebop is historic for several reasons. The animation quality was very good; it was the first and the definitive westerns in space; the focus on and importance of music; the quality of the score; the character development; the mystery and non-direct story telling; the ending.
Evagelion is historic for being the first of this kind too. These things seem standard for us now, but in reality they broke the mold. Nothing like them existed when they aired.
It's on my list so I'll get there eventually. It just might take me a while. It was the same with Death note (Obviously not as old but still). I put it off for ages and then when I finally did watch it I enjoyed it. Funnily enough it's a very similar situation to what I have with The original Blade Runner movie (Which I've been told has quite a few similarities) No matter how many times I try to watch that I seem to fail despite knowing that it's meant to be a good film.

As for things I've been watching, I finished Chain Chronicle which I probably wouldn't recommend to anyone and then went on to watch Recovery of an MMO Junkie which wasn't the kind of thing I'd normally go for but it was video game related so I gave it a watch and it wasn't too bad and now I'm watching Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, I'm only two episodes in but it seems all right.

Oh and a bit of a guilty pleasure but I also watched the Sword Art movie over Christmas. I went in with low expectations but was pleasantly surprised.

I feel like I should get some award for most Anime binged. I do have a life, I swear! 😅