Monks at RS3 gold Edgeville Monestary are good till 40+ Atk/Str/Def, you should go there. When you're low on Hp, then speak with them, they treat you. ;D Although, if you wanna become a Ranger/Mage, I don't now why you want Atk/Str/Def up. In terms of money with your current stats, that is very. . .iffy. Mine Iron. 9 longer lvls, then you are able to make Steel Bars. You can do Knight's Sword quest for your Xp, which should get one to 32-ish. Assuming you have not done it , since it gets you to 29 from lvl 1. At 40 Fishing, it is possible to fish Lobsters (Not quickly, but you can) which market decently in F2p.

If you get your Woodcutting up, you can chop Oaks. I chopped Oaks from 15 - 60 and made 700k. Yews are also an alternative, but they do not get good until WAY high lvls that I am assuming you won't get... Making Soft Clay is a favorite money maker of mine. Tanning Cowhides.

Seeing as I do not possess a firecape and I need one I decided to get a tzharr slayer job to resist jad to your free range increase from my full slayer helm. That being said I want some tips on gear etc.. My stock consisted of some random amount of brews+Restores, Enchanted Excalibur, Whip (for the first couple of waves and to melee the weaker monsters), Diamond Bolts (e) plus a couple range potions. Now, how do I improve this set-up so that I could kill this guy and never see him again?

Fastest way is Chinning. Skeleton Apes on Ape Atoll would be the quickest, but you lose a good deal. I train : 1. Fire Giants in Waterfall. 2. Green Dragons at Chaos Tunnels. 3. Ankous in SoS. 4. Blue Dragons at Taverly Dungeon. 5. Avansies! I know you gain from the above (Rune Cbow + Broad/Mith Bolts.) Cannoning Dag's under the Lighthouse is apparently decent aswell. I believe I read someplace you profit, or break even most the moment. Red Dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon is good, if you're able to get a pattern going, great money also. Green Dragons at Clan Wars, and in the Ogre area by Yanille (Forget the name.) Black Dragons at the OSRS GP Evil Chickens Lair is superb money, used to stove there on my own chief. Anywho, whatever you choose, goodluck.