Eventually a uniform that makes it look like that my player got felt up by somebody with paint in their palms. Happy Halloween! I think that it'll be similar to the UK promo. A fall this Friday, the"2nd half" would be some BS LTDs next Friday. The money grab is absurd this year and there just isn't material for solo grinders. If they're approach is to provide half of the content and replace the other half with LTDs and a push for $$, and then I think I will be quitting Madden for great this year. I have not played with the Yard yet but the stage values are distinct, no way in hell I would be spending $20+ for makeup. Ironic thing about a phantom uniform is that it will never be the area.

Madden 21 Cpu vs Cpu or Slow Sim Sliders for either 10 or 15 minute quarters

Default All Pro like Josh utilizes was also a huge piece in these sliders puzzle. I tried all of the default option play levels like I do every year and determine which plays best and adjust from there. HC0023 has been enjoying all pro default since launch, and I followed his lead. I analyzed a setup by him early in release. Twix gave me a couple ideas. Teleo too. Info from Raiderren last year continues to be instrumental. Also had several discussions with Playmakers. Got the game late this calendar year, on actual release day and tried a total community approach. If I forgot anyone, let me know and I will add you to this intro. Doncropper also lead me into the ideal direction with what to cheap Madden 21 coins do with the game crashing into cfm using slow sim. Special thanks to all. If you try something new with this set and it works, let me know, and I'll give it a shot. So much branch this year. Madden is a superb spot to do team work.Mut 21 coins