We used to have 3 of mt for sale 2k21 their top players in the league, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. They went into the finals, but lost, and we exchanged James Harden. We never made it back into the finals, after they beat us in the 32, also in a really controversial move Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors in 2016. Kevin Durant is the snake ass bitch ever. Russell Westbrook is the time player, but he left to play to your rockets. We aren't upset about it, and most of us are rooting for him to win a championship because we are going to become rebuilding (I'm not, love Russ, fuck Houston).

Our team is really crazy. We weren't supposed to be, although We're actually really really good. We were supposed to be awful this year. This seasons crucial players: Chris Paul Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Steven Adams, Dennis Schroder, Luguentz Dort. Luguentz Dort is also your god. The thunder start playing again in the start of August. Doesn't matter where or when. Every day IS Russell Westbrook day.

Quick addition here if you're not super familiar with US marathon: the states of Oklahoma and Texas have a major sports competition in general, headlined by the flagship universities with one of the best events in all sports but extending through pretty much all sports. You'd get 80 or so answers saying Houston is our most-hated other group if you'd asked this question a year ago. However, Westbrook (our greatest franchise legend) heading there (on good conditions; our emptiness window was over and the rebuild was beginning) to play his old buddy Harden has complex feelings there. Three or four years from today when Westbrook either retires or moves somewhere else, Houston will end up the despised.

San Antonio used to be our most important competition because of several playoff series that was really memorable. But it's also always been a cordial rivalry. Our fanbases like every other, and most of our front office was ex-Spurs men. With fun history to reminisce about together so now that franchise is competing for rings any more, it's all love today. Story for Memphis. Golden State was kind of a rival because of the series that is 3-1 and them being the league anyway's tyrants. That's pretty much gone now. Portland and Utah get the most despise here nowadays, but that is also just events. Not a competition by definitions. I doubt any of us will care in another couple of years.

After getting drafted from the Thunder I have also become a Thunder at 2013 because of this MyCareer. The OKC Thunder is the continuity of the Seattle SuperSonics. The group has relocated in 2008. The SuperSonics does Thunder technically, and had had one tournament. We are a consistent playoff team because we're capable every year, and have created a playoff finals look in 2012. That. Our franchise participant (i.e. the essential player) had been Russell Westbrook that we all love, nevertheless got traded to the Rockets last year. The two great players that played with were Kevin Durant and Paul George. Durant is disliked by us because he fucked us and buy nba 2k21 mt coins proceeded to another team.