wow classic gold is grounded that Fight Azeroth is not. You're likely to have to go to where the Battlemaster is and then talk to him if you would like to queue for a PvP BG. Want to conduct a dungeon? Better find some friends to run it with, because the game isn't likely to suit you with people automatically.But here's what -- it is also more enjoyable. The game's slower tempo and much more deliberate nature made it feel much more impactful. Researching the world felt like really visiting a living, breathing place, not only a collection of flight buildings and points you could see.

The very first point to remember about WoW Classic is that the courses aren't well-balanced or well-utilized in endgame raiding situations. When Blizzard designed the hybrid classes in Classic, it made a conscious decision to just give them one real endgame role. Druids, Paladins, and Shaman were all expected to be healers in endgame. Yes, there were exceptions -- I understood a Prot Paladin with Thunderfury in Classic -- but modern BfA allows for enormous flexibility that Classic does not. In Classic, altering your talent spec prices rather a lot of money (once you do it enough times) and may only be done at class trainers.

Warriors were predicted to be Buy classic wow gold tanks, even if they did not need to be tanks. Priests were anticipated to be healers, even when they desired to be damage-dealers. There was a lot of frustration at the player-base in being pigeon-holed to roles, and nearly every class had a legal complaint or two about how difficult it was to get bands.

This was the age of"bring the course, not the player," in which a raid would happily bring one Shadow Priest to restore mana for the core healers, but had no use for 2. Other classes, such as Warlocks, were workable in raid play but often struggled with feeling like gimpy mages with marginally useful pets.