Superstar X-Factor matches the ratings system in a manner that benefits the experience. But I digress. You either get to play with one or two games (in case you win the first) in faculty prior to the Madden 20 coins Combine. Weirdly, the faculty game seem to have a mix of NCAA and NFL rules.

As an example, the extra point try after a touchdown follows faculty rules in terms of space, but pass interference penalties are spot penalties, not 15-yard penalties like they actually are in college soccer. These may sound like trivial complaints, but do not expect Face of the Franchise's start to feel as the reincarnation of NCAA Football.

The cinematic presentation fades off following the draft and a few more baffling story beats to show a rather traditional franchise mode. The distinction is that you control the QB. The CPU takes over once you pass. As soon as you hand the ball off, the CPU takes over. You never play with defense. Besides a simplistic text message platform where you and your mentor between matches talk, Face of the Franchise is pretty bare bones. Road to the Show and MyCareer have multitudes.

EA Sports games have revolved around Ultimate Team for years. As a mode focused on card-collecting, the fastest way to better your team is to throw money at it. Prices vary but normally you're paying about cheap Mut 20 coins one dollar per card. Card packs can also be purchased with in-game money, but you are going to need to grind challenges to make coins for some of the lavish packs that feature the best Madden players. I've never felt tempted to spend money in Ultimate Team. If you dig the solo loop, then you get enough coins to upgrade your team --admittedly, in a rate that is lesser.

If you would like to be aggressive out of the gate card packs can help. Madden NFL 20 is a leading football sim, especially for those who enjoy Franchise or Ultimate Team. The reworked Madden player ratings system adds credibility to the gameplay that is on-the-field, and Ultimate Team is simpler to follow than ever. It is not without its flaws. The game feels like a cheat code, and Face of the Franchise is a poorly written career style.