Hello!! Hideali here, a new seller, I just want to say that I have had alot of experience with Hotels.
I have already used these codes for myself for 5 times already, and very knowledgeable with Hotels.
Don't worry, I have had 0 problems during the 5 times I have used them, I already stayed on those 5 different hotels as well.

Pricing: ( I accept PayPal F&F, and BTC - Discounted price if BTC )

500 GBP for 45 USD ( $40 if BTC )
300 GBP for 25 USD ( $20 if BTC )


1. Go to:

2. Choose the hotel you want to book, and make sure there is a check mark next to "Tesco coupon codes"

3. Once in checkout, apply the coupon, and it would deduct the room price, you would only have to pay for Taxes & Fee

4. You will receive a confirmation on your email, and you're all good.

Add me on Discord: Hideali#2809