Firemaking OSRS is a skill that’s mostly used to light fires. It can be quite useful for many reasons – for starters, many quests that provide great rewards require Firemaking skills. Some examples of this are Recipe for Disaster and Desert Treasure. And not only quests; there are also Firemaking oriented minigames that give great rewards, such as Shades of Mort’ton and the Windertodt boss. Another reason Firemaking OSRS is an important skill to train is that it allows you to make a cire and cook things like fish and meat right there on the spot. This is very useful if you need to cook raw food that will heal your hitpoints. For example, low-level players can fight giant rats to train their combat skills, then cook their raw meat and eat it to restore their life points. And if that’s not enough of a reason to train with the Firemaking guide OSRS, you should know that Wintertodt is a great way to make a great profit while you’re training and killing the Wintertodt is the only way to obtain the pyromancer outfit.
firemaking guide osrs

Firemaking OSRS can also help you with training Herblore OSRS – the burn out fires leave a heap of ashes which can be used to power-train Herblore because it’s an ingredient for serum 207 potions. This way you can also make a profit from burning cheaper logs that you’ve bought or chopped down yourself and then selling the ashes to the Grand exchange from where players that train Herblore can buy them, or trading them directly to players.

There are ways to train Firemaking that provide Crafting OSRS xp and Prayer OSRS xp bonuses, so it helps with training these two skills as well.

Through Firemaking, you can light different kinds of lanterns and oil lamps to increase visibility in dark places but this doesn’t grant you any Firemaking xp. Training Firemaking OSRS can also provide you with a method of transportation – if you complete the Enlightened Journey quest and have a certain amount of logs, you can travel (based on your level) to Entrana, Taverley, Crafting Guild, Varrock, Castle Wars, and Grand tree via a balloon. The hot air balloon system is quite developed in
firemaking guide osrs

For these reasons, many OSRS players decide to get a 99 level on Firemaking and look for a 99 Firemaking Guide OSRS. This is why we’ve put together this article that will help you train Firemaking in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

It’s important to note in this 99 Firemaking guide OSRS that this skill is best trained along with Woodcutting. This way you can just burn the logs from your inventory, after you chopped them during Woodcutting training, then go back to chopping more. It saves money and time because instead of dropping the logs or going to the bank to deposit them, you make use of them and gain xp, and you save from the money you would’ve otherwise given to the Grand exchange to buy logs.

How to start fires

Let’s start by saying you shouldn’t try to do this in real life lol! Don’t go around making a row of random fires in the middle of the street, please.
firemaking guide osrs
firemaking guide osrs

After this hopefully unnecessary disclaimer, let’s go over the practical side of making fires. What you need for this is any kind of log and a Tinderbox. There is an alternative to Tinderboxes – you can use a bow to light the fire but this requires Barbarian training. After this training, all bows except the Ogre bow, the Ogre comp bow, the Dark bow, and the Crystal bow, can start fires. We’re going to talk about Barbarian firemaking a little later in this 99 Firemaking Guide OSRS.

To start the fire, use the tinderbox on the log or the log on the tinderbox. This will make you drop the log and light it up. That’s the fastest way to start a fire, but you can also drop the log and use the tinderbox on it, or drop the log and right-click it and choose the “light log” option. If you’re using a bow, basically repeat the action – use the bow on the log and this will make you drop it and light it up. That’s part of the OSRS Firemaking guide members only because it’s not available as an option in the free-to-play worlds.

Once the fire is ready, the player automatically moves one step to the west if there’s room there. If there’s no room there, they take one step east. If there’s nowhere to go there either, the player tries to move south and if that’s not available too, they move to the north.

Players usually train Firemaking by lighting up logs in large open areas such as the Grand exchange. You can light many fires in a row by starting at the eastern end of the path that connects the Varrock palace and the Grand exchange. When you start the first fire there, this will make you take a step west towards the Grand exchange where there is more space to keep on lighting fires in a row, and you can be ready to start the next fire immediately after the avatar stops making the first one. This significantly speeds up the process. Another thing you can do to speed up the process is to bring an additional tinderbox placed in the opposite corner of the inventory so you can reduce the mouse traveling movement, but this also takes up space for one log per every inventory.
firemaking guide osrs

The creation of fires requires an empty ground that you can use. Buildings, plants, doorways and closed doors (except in Draynor) block the ignition of the fire.

Barbarian Firemaking OSRS

Barbarian Firemaking requires at least level 35 Firemaking in order to burn the oak log you have to light up so you can participate. To start the training, you need to talk to Otto Godblessed who is located close to the Barbarian Outpost.

The two types of Barbarian Firemaking activities are lighting fires with a bow and lighting pyre ships.

Bow firemaking works with most types of bows except Ogre, Crystal, and Dark bows. They require 20 levels higher in Firemaking than a tinderbox to light the same logs, yet they provide no additional xp. The main advantage of using a bow is that it frees up an inventory slot.

Training with pyre ships is a dangerous activity and you can die and lose items while you’re performing it. To train like this, you need logs, tinderbox or a bow, hatchet to carve the pyre ship, and, ideally, chewed bones. You can substitute them with mangled bones but you need to bring armor, weapons, and food if you’re doing this because a level 166 ferocious barbarian spirit will attack you. You can use the Protect from melee prayer for additional protection.

Those bones are obtained in the Ancient Cavern which is a high-risk area.

A requirement for training with pyre ships is a level of at least 11 in Firemaking and Crafting. This kind of training provides you both Crafting and Firemaking xp. What you need to do is use the required items on one of the burnt spaces which are known as pyre sites and are located north of Otto’s Grotto to create a pyre ship. Burning that pyre ship will also grant you a prayer bonus of up to 300% – depends on the logs you’re using, the next time you’re burying bones.

99 Firemaking Guide OSRS

That’s an OSRS Firemaking guide members only as the guide for free to play players is pretty simple – they don’t have many options for training. You simply burn normal, oak, willow, maple, and then yew trees at their respective levels.

For members, the options aren’t unlimited either but you still have more choices to make.

Let’s start with the training areas! You want to train somewhere near a bank to get the best xp possible. You burn all the logs in your inventory, then you withdraw more from the bank and do it all over again. So you’re looking for an area with a lot of space that is in close proximity to a bank and where you can burn 27 logs in a row without getting any obstacles in the way. Here are some good places for that:

• Outside of Piscarilius house bank in Great Kourend. You can move to Tynan’s Fishing supplies and finish right outside the bank entrance.

• Rogues’ Den. You can arrange your fires in a way in which you end up being very close to the bank.

• Port Phasmatys bank. If you’ve equipped the ghostspeak amulet, you will be able to skip the dialogue with the ghost bankers so you can get fast xp. Complete Ghosts Ahoy for fast travel and free entry.

• The western bank in Varrock. You have to start on the western wall of Zaff’s Staff and move west. You can light two inventories of logs parallel to each other which really saves some time.

• The eastern part of the Grand Exchange is a great area for training too because the bank is only one tile away from the area where a log can be burned and there is a lot of empty space there, but the problem is it’s usually full of people training Firemaking there and this can cause disrupt your training.

Moving along with the 99 Firemaking guide OSRS and the methods of training. There are pretty much two ways to train efficiently Firemaking: that’s burning logs and Wintertodt. The first method provides faster xp and safer in general, but subduing Wintertodt is more profitable and low-effort.

• Level 1-15: Burning normal logs.
firemaking osrs

These logs come from trees, evergreen, and dead trees and they can be chopped almost everywhere in Gielinor, or you can buy them from the Grand Exchange for a cheap price. You need to burn 61 logs to reach level 15 and it takes just a few minutes.

• Level 15-30: Burning oak logs.

You need to light up 183 logs to reach level 30 and you get 60 xp per log. It takes around 10 minutes to get to level 30 if you’re focused. You can find oak trees almost everywhere.

• Level 30-35: Burning willow logs.

Each willow log grants 90 xp. You can find willow trees near the River Lum in Lumbridge, around Edgeville, close to the sea south of the Draynor bank, south of the cabbage patch located northwest of Draynor, a little west of Catherby bank, in Rimmington, or at the Barbarian Outpost. You need to burn 101 willow logs to get to level 35.

• Level 35-45: Burning teak logs.

You get 105 xp per log and need 373 logs to get to level 45. Teak trees can be chopped in Tai Bwo Wannai, Uzer, Ape Atoll, in the woods south and west of Castle wars, in the Kharazi Jungle, and in the islands north-east of Mos Le’Harmless. The most convenient place to cut down teak logs is a single tree located south-west of Castle Wars which you can access by the ring of dueling or the fairy rings (b•k•p will drop you closer to the tree).

• Level 45-50-99: Burning maple logs.

Each maple log that you burn grants you 135 xp. You need 295 of those to get to level 50. A lot of players choose to burn maple trees til level 99 because the rest of the logs that grant more xp cost way more OSRS gold. You can buy cheap OSRS gold and continue with the 99 Firemaking Guide OSRS or you can train in a slower way by burning maple logs. A good way to obtain maple logs is if you have completed the quest Throne of Miscellania and manage the kingdom.

• Level 50-60: Burning mahogany logs.

That’s the fastest way to level 60. It takes around an hour and you have to burn 1095 mahogany logs. Each of them grants 157.5 xp.

• Level 60-75: Burning yew logs.

Each yew log grants 202.5 xp and you need 4626 to get to level 75 Firemaking. You can cut them yourself but it’s better to buy them from other players or the Grand exchange. With this method, you get around 260k xp per hour and you need around 3 hours of training.

• Level 75-90: Burning magic logs.

Each log gives you 303.8 xp and you need 13 614 of them. This takes around 9 hours of training and is quite costly – it takes approximately 13 368 950 OSRS gold to reach level 90 while burning magic logs.

• Level 90-99: Burning redwood logs.

You get 350 xp per burned log and you need 21 966 of them to get to level 99 Firemaking OSRS. This takes the biggest portion of time – you need around 18 hours to reach level 99 by burning redwood logs.

• Level 50-99: Wintertodt.

That’s an alternative to the burning logs method which is slower but provides more profit and grants you the pyromancer outfit which increases your Firemaking xp by 2.5%. The Wintertodt is a minigame-style boss – it’s important to know it’s not a minigame, it’s a boss. It is fought using skills more than combat. The Wintertodt is quite dangerous because dying there is unsafe and the normal rules for loss of items apply. If you’re a Hardcore Ironman, you’re going to lose your Hardcore status there, if you die.

Fighting the Wintertodt isn’t done through conventional combat. Instead, you must help the pyromancers to train its energy by maintaining the braziers around the prison. You get Firemaking xp there from subduing Wintertodt with at least 500 points earned, lighting a brazier, and feeding a bruma root or kindling into a brazier. You need to kill Wintertodt about 670 times before you achieve 99 level Firemaking. An average kill plus the pause after it takes about 5 minutes and the profit you make depends on your total level.

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