The animations look robotic and rigid - I mean come on, EA has access to the latest cutting edge mocap technology. The animations will look more natural. Kick blocks are scripted. In comparison to Mut 20 coins APF 2K8. Blocking IQ stinks, lots of missed blocks that are inexplicable. Additionally, having the ability to spam the same broken ass money plays every play. If this were a real NFL game, because opposing defenses and crimes would adapt quickly to that play, you'd get blown the fuck out and fired. You get the idea, although I could go on for this. If John Madden saw any of the contemporary games that bear his name, he'd be furious and demand his name be removed from the product. Remember, John was furious at the original build of John Madden Football because it wasn't 11 on 11 football or the most realistic soccer game potential dependent on the current tech.

I will say it.It's really pathetic that a game which came out 12 decades ago (APF 2K is a much more accurate representation of Pro Football compared to the biggest football video game series ever. Here's a video of APF 2K8 gameplay, see how organic and natural it seems compared to Madden Yet another component where contemporary Madden falls short is presentation. Stadiums all feel exactly the same- For example, Kansas City and Seattle are assumed to be LOUD and mad, yet in Madden they are no more happy than any other stadium. Home field advantage which is a big deal in soccer, is nowhere to be found.

Underutilizing that the ESPN license- EA still has got the rights to use images, branding, and the ESPN license. Imagine playing a night match using commentators and the MNF images. A mid week Sportscenter, or Envision post match interviews series during Franchise. Discussing the latest news and stats and even revealing highlights. NFL 2K5, a 15 year old game had these attributes, so there is not any excuse for EA to not take action, except for laziness.

No more mouthguards or visors- there's not any excuse for this. Commentary - Seriously, the comment feels autonomous and akward, not even organic or reacting to minutes in Madden nfl. Brandon Gaudin still refers to the Chargers as the"San Diego Chargers", when they've played in LA for 3 decades now! The sad truth is that these complaints will fall on deaf ears, because unless it is MUT or"marketable", EA does not give a damn. And as a consequence of the NFL's greed, we won't see competition to give EA the kick in the pants that they desperately need.

OP reads like somebody who has played Madden 20. Even though Madden nfl has its flaws (and it's a lot), they aren't even anything he mentioned. Penalties were added by them to cheap Madden 20 coins working backward with your QB. This season throwing arcs were revamped. YT is headed on by even the most hardcore sim and such have confessed that. It is much tougher to'lurk' and get skipping animations unless you are playing with Ultimate Team with 99 speed and the Lurker ability.