I'd say the majority of the content in BDO is soloable, also there is plenty of things you can do. No real endgame unless you like PvP, but then it's a genuine sandbox mmo so I suppose you make your own endgame.As the exact same sort of RuneScape player that spanned a few million hours into BDO, I advise against this one. There's enough out there to RS gold explain why.Guess that's why I avoid numerous games, I like a good combination of"You are able to solo or group up both result in the same" therefore why I played with OSRS/Tibia back in my adolescent years. The BDO of these day is the only actual SOLO mmo I will think of this, if you dismiss Group PvP it does not have any set content as you lose money to grind with others instead then solo.

Thinking of switching from OSRS to RS3

I recently purchased members to play Runescape. My account has improved stats although I have level battle stats on both accounts. I talked to a friend at work and he seemed to be having a fun time with it and its mechanics. I've always been an oldschool fan but have the drive to give a go to RS3. What is your thoughts on RS3 as a whole and what keeps you coming back? I am drawn into the images and ability pub battle. Because there have been changes, I feel overwhelmed by what when I get on RS3 I see. Opinions and tips welcome!

The points I like RS3 is the variant of combat and the images. It is not like mouseclicking. It is like playing a piano:p if you go for full guide, more. For the beginning it might seem overwealming with all those abilities and I would recommend focusing on one combat style and using revolution. Read what abilities do and attempt to remember. Occasionally I enjoy playing on revolution and hammering my skills so revolution will autotrigger one, if I'd overlook to press one punctually. If you're progressing 11, you will see and feel. Overall RS3 is not that static. That's what I really like.

Overwhelming could be a fantastic thing - lots learn and to explore. For more matters Wiki and YouTube will be your friend. I would recommend finding a clan so you can ask questions and have a laugh. I find RS sociable this manner. Can you perform quite a bit? What are your favourite things? I'd consider myself a casual RuneScape participant but on/off for 15 decades. I arrived back for buy OSRS gold arch and using a good social clan with discord is what made me stick around in complete honesty. RuneScape can be appreciated but I'm learning bosses and things like this, moving in groups is useful and supportive!