The material your enjoying was mostly developed before Jagex prior to old school runescape gold Microtransations (MTX). Since then the amount of upgrades has plummeted to. Now, nothing. RuneScape went powerful with updates from 2001-2016 and was seriously fizzling out the last 4 decades. MTX came out I believe with a shift going on MTX updates instead of content. Jagex doesn't do anything to help lift consumer spirits. In fact they terminated the two mods which attempted Mod Lee, that and Mod Shauny. The former comes around because he is RuneScaper and still tries to improve matters. I had been expecting Shauny to wind up about the ninja team tbh from some of the updates he did (even though it wasn't his lane).

I'm not acquainted with his new name btw In case Mod Lee comes about. As he'd boss raids together with the community it would not surprise me. If novice questions are requested, what is unjust is, they are downvoted. That's not Jagex, that's about the community's fault. I hope you do enjoy RuneScape, there is 16 years worth of content to play. If you get sick of RS3, then there's OSRS (included in members you have full access to both!) Which will be the battle and graphical style RS was back when you're in highschool. At the moment the argument is OSRS is maintaining RS3 on life support.

Religion in RS community restored! I would like to thank everyone for their helpful answers and add offers. I am not the only person that overlooks hanging with friends on RS, as it happens. Meeting a great deal of people, and have set up a group event for tomorrow:-RRB- So I think I wish to place in here an open call for friendship for many others which are looking my RS title is Lady Owlnine. (Although I'm about to log off for the day, I'll be on tomorrow) I'm a veteran player, but all my older friends have moved on by now.

Decided now I was going to do something about it spent the previous couple but nobody even said hello back. I went to places such as manor farm, the heavy sea fishing hub lender, and Catherby. I get some people just don't want to make friends since I actually would just like to afk while doing something else, but I am feeling pretty discouraged. Am I doing something incorrect? Can there be a location? Sorry if that sounds just not sure where to go from here.

Do not worry it's not you. 80 percent of people in-game are just afk-skilling, or possess public conversation turned off. Th are away from doing whatever and just don't care to be sociable in any way. The People's Suggestions:"Try joining a clan": Almost every clan out there is PvM-based, and when you aren't talking luxury PvM or other endgame content, then you most likely will get ignored or your message(s) will go with the wind while others discuss that stuff. I combined maybe 7clans for a little while after my reddit article with exactly the same issue, after several individuals offered me to buy rs3 gold join their"social clans".