After eight years of upgrades, PSO2 has PSO2 Meseta become a sprawling, unruly MMO with heaps of complicated progression systems, items, and currencies. You're likely to feel overwhelmed with all of the nuances and options that are available to you. However, before you get lost googling every new proper noun you come across, ride the story to the point where you're directed to talk to your marijuana Afin (introduced through the prologue) who is found wandering right next to where you spawn from the Arks Lobby.

Now, you'll unlock Client Orders, a kind of sidequest provided by lots of the NPCs located in the main player hub, including Afin. Fortunately, all of Afin's first client orders walk you through distinct systems like equipment, skills and methods, and much more. These quests can answer most of your queries, giving a non-judgmental minute of clarity into many of PSO2's obtuse systems.

Any time Cofy or Afin possess a Client Order, you should prioritize doing them because they'll often give you some helpful information or unlock something new to play with. Client Orders from other NPCs are still worthwhile, but not compulsory.

You can change your class at No Cost, but other modifications cost real money

Like many MMOs, PSO2 forces you to pick out a class during character creation, which might force you to freeze up with choice paralysis. Can you play a Braver? A Ranger? A Force? Whatever you pick, do not sweat it too much because you can change classes at no cost from the Arks Lobby at the class counter, and every category is leveled individually (so that you could level all them if you wanted to). However, PSO2 is not as generous with lots of of other potential mistakes you might earn, and do-overs can cost you real money to repair. Here's three big choices you should know about early on that cost money to reset.

You can't move characters into a new Ark Ship (the machine you select before starting a personality ) without paying additional. Your skill tree (you are going to find out about it from Afin's Client Orders) costs real money to reset and it doesn't change if you change to some other class. It's ideal to not invest any points in the skill tree until you know what sort of buy meseta pso2 construct you really want. Again, this can not be altered without paying extra to reset it. Before feeding it items, read a manual.