I have an asus z170m-plus motherboard (i7 6700k cpu) which all in all has been acting okish, however whenever i turned on XMP in one or two boots i get an overclocking failed message from the bios and have to go back to default values. My memory sticks are GSkill Ripjaws V (4 sticks of 8 GB each) with a rated frequency of 3200MHz and i had the problem with just two sticks occupying the black slots as well as only the grey slots on the mobo, as well as all four.
I've been going over this in multiple forums over the last year and noticed that similar problems occur with other Asus mobos as well. Does anyone have any experience troubleshooting these kind of problems with other Asus Z170 mobos ? I tried increasing the voltage on the memory chips (by 0.01 more volts) but couldn't stabilize it like that either?

Please help.

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