Hey once more u all know who I am so we dont have to discuss that RS gold again. Okay please answer my queries in a reply! 1. I am likely to range them I have 58 range can I do it? 2. I'd were full blue dragonhide helm of neitzernot addy crossbow, anti haul protect,and wrought iron tipped bolts or emeraled tipped bolts (e) or diamond tipped bolts (either type ) and avas accumulater. 3. I'd have high alch runes in my backpack and 20 monkfish and one beg potion. 4. I actually dont want to get attack by the monsters in gwd soooo will I need a symbol out of every god or merely armadyl? 5. Listed below are my cb stats... Now here is the bog question Id have all been waiting for. Any suggestions? I am fuzzy with Agility, therefore I think that Ape Atoll is good if you've unlocked it. Herblore - In 55 and I need it at 60. I don't want to shell out too much money, but I do not mind investing some. Cheapest way - pickpocket limp seeds tarromin seeds and farm your own raw ingredients. Try super strikes if you really want to spend cash. Kingdom of Miscellania/Managing that your Kingdom - Can it be updated every 24 hours? Dunno, I think so. Quest Points - I'm looking at getting my Quest Points up to about 150. Currently at 103, what quests should I perform? Suggest a few, and I will say whether I have completed those or not.

Am using my zerker pure(45 def pure) for pvp and I typically use melee using the usual zerker equips(zerker helm, rune defender, etc..) Rite now I want to go more using range to pvp, but im not sure how my outfit must look with 45 def. Rite now I use rune full helm, black dhide shirt, rune legs, rune kite shield, rune cbow, and ava's accumulator. What do u think I should change together with OSRS buy gold my existing outfit or if I need to just use another outfit altogether? Hey Sal's, it's Scry again. And I have another question. I recently beat Monkey Madness and want to try Desert Treasure.