I have been in the business of selling Gaia Online gold, items, and accounts for years now, and havent had a problem regarding bans, etc.
I have alot of stock, and can provide you with gold, any 03,04, MCs, rare Adventure Time, MLP, FMAB, sponsor items, etc.
I also have stocks of accounts in all years from 2003-2020, mules, OG names, etc. The price may be higher than others but I use special methods in order for my customers not to be in risk, and it shows with my past customers not having any problems.
I have had over 30+ customers, and have sold OVER 5Q worth of items/golds, and have had no issue with any customer whatsoever.


Prices change depending on the economy although a rather stable price would be around the range of 2 USD per Trillion for Gold and Items.
I give freebies and discount on bulk buys, and give the best customer experience!!
DM for special prices on mules, OG names, special rare items, etc.

Contact me:
Discord: Hideali#4236