Early levels aren't required to OSRS gold be trained as you can buy a home and do Wintertodt minigame to get Firemaking experience and a little bit of Building advancement. If you want to train by another method you may also find boards lying on the floor around Barbarian Outpost. It is the free procedure to get you started with the skill. From planks, you want to earn Crude Wooden Chairs until you are around level 20. If you want nails, you can get them for a few coins at Sawmill.

Make certain that you use Managing Miscellania to its fullest potential to get as much wood from it as possible. You are able to get from that minigame a daily portion of Willow logs, which can supplement your training, but it's not the most optimal wood to educate on at higher levels of this skill. In case you haven't stockpiled your Woodcutting gatherings from the lender, you may fight a lot with Building training to 99.

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