Surprise: Bare Feet Is Better Health Articles | July 16 Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , 2012
The majority of persons consider that shoes guard the feet powerfully and accompany people to go into the civilized society. From original straw sandals to vogue high heels, the development history of...

The majority of persons consider that shoes guard the feet powerfully and accompany people to go into the civilized society. From original straw sandals to vogue high heels, the development history of shoes mirrors the progress of the human society. However, some scientists think that there is a hidden danger in walking in shoes and it is the failure of the human evolution. Without any doubt, it surprises people a lot.
In fact Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , one month before Zeitlin Cowes issuing his standpoint, Adams Sternberg from New York Magazine issued an essay, and his point is hidden dangers lie in walking in shoes. He indicates that feet and the backbone can be injured while walking in shoes. As the writer said, he once bought a pair of Five Fingers (referred to as barefoot shoes) last year which imitated the common barefoot theory and did no harm to feet. After walking through many villages and cities in those shoes, Adams finds that his knees Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , back and sole of the feet are quite comfortable in those shoes.
In 2006, a group of medical personnel from cases diagnostics in Chicago Medical School started the research in Adduction Action of Knees which mainly engaged in what status of the knee was while arthritis broke out. For many years, medical personnel have experimented on arthritis patients and let them be in shoes with filler with a view to reduce pressure on knees. During the Adduction, they let patients wear suspender pants so as to rectify the knees, but the result was unsatisfactory. All medical staffs have tried variously: walking in shoes Cheap NFL Jerseys China , walking bare feet, and testing the pressure each period, at last they find in amazement it is 12% less pressure on knee without shoes on.
The result surprises people again. Most probably, human's feet evolve into perfection after 40000 centuries but they are hurt by shoes. What is more comical, people wear shoes to protect themselves first and basically Cheap NFL Jerseys , but they do not expect that it is at opposite poles: shoes do not guard the feet but damage knees, chine and other organs.
Certainly, people are not all enjoying being in shoes. In marathon of Roman Olympics of 1960, the famous Ethiopian barefoot immortal Abebe won the champion without shoes on. Now, all over the globe Cheap Sports Jerseys , especially in big cities, barefoot race become more and more, and they regard barefoot as going back to nature, to self, free and unlimited life style.
Maybe it will be not long before barefoot and barefoot shoes become the model of global popularity.
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