In addition to a new band boss along with brand new skilling content -- Ashihama's Nightmare. The Morytania Expansion begins in early 2020. Old School RuneScape will also be receiving a brand new game mode, Leagues, in addition to a fresh Clan system that enables runescape players to arrange their own events, monitor progress with their group in addition to OSRS gold compete with rival Clans from the runescape game. We'll have much more coverage out of RuneFest 2019 this week, so make certain to remain tuned!

Jagex has moved to reassure runescape players after its Chinese owner declared it was considering selling the British game company only two years after it purchased it.On 22nd January, Reuters reported Shanghai Fukong Interactive Entertainment Co Ltd planned to sell its stake in Jagex, which it bought in 2016 at a $300m deal.Fukong is creating company-wide changes after the chairman of the board of directors resigned December 2018, citing private reasons.In an announcement issued into Eurorunescape gamer, Jagex stated Fukong is contemplating selling up within these modifications.

"Fukong Interactive has issued a regulatory announcement to inform the Chinese financial market it is likely a major reorganisation and is contemplating purchase of resources, together with the partial or full sale of Jagex as a possible choice. A sale of resources is just one of numerous routes Fukong Interactive has available because it restructures and, by making this original statement to the market, Fukong can now start exploring such options."

Runescape players were left wondering about the future of rs gold buying sites the fantasy MMO after Fukong bought Jagex. Now they're wondering how things can change to your runescape game and Jagex under corporate overlords. For its part, Jagex insisted it was business as usual, and said it remained committed to RuneScape regardless of what Fukong decides to do with its position in the business.