Each year brings a fresh argument over who deserves their face of what's still on the cover, the world’s best selling soccer match. “But really it’ll be Messi?” you shout! Well, really, it almost surely won’t. Messi’s contract with EA and he and Barcelona both possess a deal signed as associates of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise with Konami.
We consider up 10 players that are really in the running.
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Luis Suárez
– that is possible, but improbable this has been a little down season for the Uruguayan, and several unsavoury events still cloud his standing during Ajax days and his Liverpool. EA might need to steer clear of this.
Opportunity: 15 percent

Dele Alli
Rather possibly in England, but maybe his star is bright enough for the remaining planet yet.
Opportunity: 20 percent

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Opportunity: 15 percent
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Carli Lloyd
We talked about EA ought to be focused by including national girls’s leagues in FIFA 18 on enlarging the girls’s side of FIFA, and if this takes place, Carli Lloyd should be a shoo in for the cover. There ’s a great opportunity that Lloyd will likely be to the cover of the match in her native USA, but we’d like to believe that she might well function as the star that is world-wide also.
Opportunity: 40 percent

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
However, he’s in having a chance that is good.
Opportunity: 35 percent

Antoine Griezmann
He fills all of the standards for us, and there’s a great opportunity we’ll be looking to the front of FIFA 18 when his huge move goes through in summer time.
Opportunity: 50 percent

Eden Hazard
He is get his skill to control matches, and his self-assurance, and which has played an enormous role in keeping Chelsea in the top in 2013. Together with this, his combination of pace, ability and goalscoring makes him a strong fan favourite across the planet, before – we'dn’t be surprised in any way to find him about the cover and he is worked.
Opportunity: 65 percent

Paulo Dybala
It could be time for EA to begin looking towards the long run, and locking down Dybala to some long term contract to be FIFA’s cover star could be great company.
Opportunity: 40 percent

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