I started out with a few hundred thousand gold, made it up to like 1.7m, then made a few REALLY BAD vends and lost a ton. I'm down to like 800k now.

I've found it's really beneficial for me to keep vending logs in an excels sheet, it helps me plot how much gold I make each month and stuff, and see what was a bad vend and how I can avoid it next time.

How are you guys doing in vending? Making a lot of gold? How do you all do it?

I used to camp the "newly listed" page and whenever there was an under-priced or mis-priced item buy it up really fast, but I've found a more efficent way. I just refresh the marketplace homepage, and open all of the luxury items in new tabs. These items are between 100k and 1m normally. Normally, within that list of items, there's at least one underpriced by 20-50k. People get lazy when they're already making 500k from an item, they don't see how a measly 30k could make that much of a difference. It's your alley to make profits though!

So anyway, any funny or cool vending stories, or stories of bad vends?