Jugnauth has criticised London refusal to let the Chagossian community return osrs gold to the island, which, he said, formed and continues to form an integral part of the territory of Mauritius He said: view of the purported unilateral actions of the UK, Mauritius would be fully justified in taking forward the completion of the process of decolonisation,
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F2p and re sizable absolutely. I not saying I against the new graphics being added as an option/default I just saying I understand why they wouldn want to do it. Especially with their team size, it take all their time and we wouldn get anything else for an extremely long time.
Jul 18A drops manslaughter, homicide charges as Boulder drug dealer takes deal in OD deathJan 13oulder woman charged in overdose death of boyfriend to stand trial in JulyDec 11oulder woman charged in boyfriend's heroin death seeks new attorneyAug 4oulder woman charged in boyfriend's heroin death faces additional count Jun 15:
Nina Schwartz, suspected Boulder drug dealer charged with manslaughter, negligent homicide in OD deathA woman who Boulder police said is a "known drug dealer" is facing possible manslaughter and negligent homicide charges in connection with the overdose death of her boyfriend in February.Nina Isadora Schwartz, 23, has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, unlawful distribution of heroin and unlawful possession with intent to sell. All are felony charges. Feb.
So I put in a ticket, saying what the quest was and pointing out that I have the achievement for completing that zone now, so I definitely did it, but never got the item.I get a generic reply back directing me to use the item restoration.So I reply back that that not at all the issue, and describe it all again.I get another reply back telling me that they can give items to players that were from promotions or world events that
I didn participate in (what? Not even close?)I finally reply back, actually angry at this point saying "NO. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. I NEED AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION." and then copy and paste the explanation all over again.Finally I got a GM to pm me in game and ask me what was happening.
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