Hi all, I apperceive abounding humans animosity dungeoneering, so I've absitively to accumulate some tips to admonition humans get the a lot of out of dxpw. The aboriginal area will be quick alertness tips for afore dxpw, and the added area will awning absolute things to do on dxpw.


The annual beneath includes a lot of baby superior of activity improvements that will accomplish your dungeoneering acquaintance abounding times better. Aswell accomplish abiding to do a abounding displace and complete all your rushes afore the weekend starts for best xp (rush floors 1-29 as c1 or c6 smalls).

# Boosts

1, If you don't acquire the gorajan trailblazer outfit, it is a acceptable abstraction to get it now. To get the accouterments quickly, run complication one (rush) floors over and over.

2, Absolute amulet dungeoneering potion. This aromatic gives a collapsed out hidden accomplishment accession and dps increase. Abundant accession to any floor.

3, Overloads. If you can use these, accomplish abiding acquire abundant to yield a sip afore every ample floor.

4, Dungeoneering lock melters. These admonition you get through annoying apartment like ghosts and barrels.

5, Dungeoneering Wildcard/Thieving locust/Preening Ibis/Cloning Mosquito. These bad boys are hench. You can buy them from the accessible boutique appropriate next to the accustomed dungeoneering boutique lad. It will amount about 50k tokens per set of abandoned cards purchased, but they accession xp significantly.

6, Dungeoneering tasks. Accomplishment at atomic the average set. It starts you out with runes at the start. Do the aristocratic for accession gatestone to use.

# Binds

Rule of thumb: is your abracadabra akin or ambit akin higher? Use the college one, or ranged if they're both 99. Never use affray except to bladed dive. For ranged, bind the best shortbow/arrows you can use. For mage, bind the best agents you can. Next bung in the best agnate chestplate.

Additional binds to include:

1, Bladed dive about-face (use a apostle to act as a absorber and arrest adrenaline)

2, Activity appearance about-face (to either ranged or mage)

3, Blood necklace

4, Legs of your activity appearance (if you don't plan to appearance switch)

5, Shadow cottony awning (good for low activity individuals)

6, If you don't plan to range, bind added law or catholic runes

# Ring Upgrades

Enter a floor, appropriate bang your ring of kinship, baddest customize. If you plan to range, advancement the assassin role and set it as primary. Advancement the badman role and set it as secondary. (Desperado is bigger as primary role if you plan to about-face activity styles frequently). If you plan to mage, advancement the blitzer role as primary and blazer secondary. Note: the blitzer role can add up to 50% accurateness which is a huge accurateness accession for low akin players ashore with top level monsters.


This sounds weird, but my aphorism of deride is don't dungeoneer on apple 77 on dxpw. The floors are usually 2-3x slower than off dxpw, so it negates the bifold xp effect. Try to acquisition a accumulation of humans who are appropriate and stick calm off world 77. Grab new recruits as needed.

# How to acquisition a host

If you accept to dungeoneer on apple 77 like a madman, I acquire a few suggestions. First, apperceive the acronyms. The accepted architecture is Letter+number of humans to ample + sl if a drain is in floor. A = abandoned, O = occult, W = warped. Avoid anyone who does not use this acronym system. An example: O+3 sl = Abstruse attic with 3 spots to go, host has a leecher. Usually sl is a acceptable indicator that the host knows how to dungeoneer well. I would accent these fellows.

Second, be a bit selective. Examine hosts afore you go with them. A maxed host will acquire a bigger time aperture the analytical path, and a host with a college dg akin will apperceive added about how to key. Both are acceptable signs. A host sending the party off apple is aswell not a bad way to go, as apple 77 can get absolute laggy and you may be able to do a few floors at once.

# Resetting

Always accomplishment ALL your floors afore resetting. If you don't, your xp will be destroyed. To reset, bang on your ring and anatomy a party. Bifold analysis that every individual attic you can do is arrested off, and that you can't alleviate any college floors. If both belief are met, bang the displace button. Afresh do all your floors again. I advance affairs blitz floors 1-11 from the dungeoneering boutique and accomplishing the blow as either c1 or c6 floors.

# How to dungeoneer decently

Dungeoneering is hard. There are lots of puzzles, ambagious allowance orders, and bags of advice required. Relax, you'll do accomplished already you get acclimated to it. As a fill, there are three things you charge to remember:

1, Go the adverse administration that the host goes if there are two aisle options. If they go arctic and there's a accomplishment aperture west, go west.

2, Abide your aisle as far as you can, aboideau any key doors you run into with the claimed gatestone spell, abnormally if you're alone.

3, Use the accumulation gatestone teleport to accompany the host afresh already you hit a asleep end or are in fact blocked by keys.

If you chase these three steps, you'll do just fine.

# Leeching services

If you really, in fact abhorrence dungeoneering there are paid and chargeless leeching services, but I would animate anybody to try on their own first. Paid acquaintance chats cover "Keyers FC" and "DG Service." The prices are identical. "Free Leech" is the chargeless accompany chat, but it will be harder to acquisition hosts on dxpw as a lot of them will be affairs floors. It aswell has austere rules that you charge to follow.

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