I don't understand, is there an upgrade? The wording confuses me.The Varrock digsite is your guild RuneScape gold for archaeology. This sounds like a teaser of a sort, although I've not had chance to check it out yet. A minor update to the Varrock digsite place before the skill comes out from full.I just tried logging in on cellular myself, and (did actually have an upgrade ), maybe it took a second between the appstore and our strategies to sync. But it took much longer to longer to log into that normal, but I got in eventually. I'll watch out. I have spoken to the team, and they informed me that it can take around 30 minutes to the update in the appstore to eventually become available to everyone.

Proper... running a weekly advertising with a great deal of jobs with in precisely the exact same time everyone may want to focus on the new skill. Jagex level genius.They confirmed that there are archaeology related tasks on the monitor. Not to mention that a full week between the two releases.Yak Track starts on March 23rd and runs through May 3rd. Archaeology releases March 30th. How is this not a problem? Yes, it begins before however, it runs right throughout the discharge. It has multiple concurrent events which make this game a mess. You waste time since it's instead of doing what you desire time-limited doing one thing. Why do they keep doing this sort of thing?

So you are telling me you anticipate doing archaeology 100 percent of the period for no less than a month? It's no problem because archaeology isn't an occasion. You can choose to do it later in the event that you want to do yak monitor. You might also decide to perform archaeology or change between the two.Can't say folks are not doing Yak Track if you force them to perform some of the steps to buy RS gold by playing the new skill.It's sort of strange timing. They did state that a number of the tasks would be archaeology-related though, so it will contain. If I am in a position to begin the yak monitor, receiving the premium rewards after that and getting the free itens and then upgrade for top yak track, anyone know?

I'd hate to be able to go up like 15 yak trak levels then be forced to wait to progress because theirs arch ones from there. Have the numbers been corrected in any way? Past years was cool but the quantities of shit you had to perform were unbalanced and god awful like it'd be"bury 3000 bones, OR complete 50 Ability laps!" People were god awful and unbalanced and I hope they changed that this year.what would trak price? So those people that ue in game gp for bonds may prepare.