Appeasement such as month, Lu Yunchen mind more and more not smooth, the car opened fast, Spieler soared to 180 yards.The police wanted to stop, no movement after seeing the license plate number. After all, here, Lu Yunchen is the king.I do not know how long soared, Lu Yunchen slightly vent some parked in the often bar."How many are you free today?"In the box,Chicago Bulls kaolinite fly bohemian bite a bottle of champagne, smiling face looked irritable buddy Lu Yunchen, joked: "Your apical is not back, how come to me This? "Everyone knows that Lu Yunchen has a tip, for this tip, three years ago he rummaged throughout the M city. On the positive wife Guwanshuang all sorts of tortures,San Antonio Spurs only to newspaper Gu Wanting him apatheticForced to go revenge.Now the tip finally returned, it should be gum-like only."Drinking." Lu Yun-chen frowned, picked up the bottle of raven in front of the bottle of water as rude to drink up."What's the matter with you?" Anomalous friends let Ko Ling fly straight astonished surprised,Cleveland Cavaliers looked at him curiously. "I've never seen you before."Lu Yun Chen narrowed his eyes, did not say anything. He also did not know how to answer this question, and he himself wanted to know what was going on."Say it." Kaolinite flew to the glass,Golden State Warriors curious to ask: "Is it your apical gone?"