Several years back, players were quite discontent with all the direction of DICEís Battlefield collection, as they found a lackluster sequel and got their hands. Between the poor guidance of the one player campaign as well as the non-working multiplayer servers, the followup to Battlefield 3 didnít do Electronic Arts any party favors.
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Fast forward to late 2016, when the firm created a whirlwind of positive compliments in the sport, both from players and critics alike, and released Battlefield 1 alongside the team at DICE. It was nearly just like a complete 180 and it seems to get paid off in the future too. The game has amassed more than 19 million players, which suggests a 50 percent increase over Battlefield 4 around the exact same period of time. Thatís actually something.
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Itís also done perfectly in the office that is cellular Galaxy of Heroes leading the charge. That special game was able to create a top one to get a cellular launch, 162 minutes a day of typical gameplay time. What ís this year occurring? Itíll be declaring its strategies that are complete and more than likely, Star Wars: Battlefront II will function as sales leader that is huge. All things considered, DICE seemingly can do no wrong after Battlefield 1, right?